Mezedes (Cold Appetizers)

$14.00Pikilia – Variety platter of Tzatziki, Taramosalata and Melitzanosalata

$20.00Garides – Shrimp cocktail

$24.00Oktapodi - Cold octopus with extra virgin olive oil

Market PriceOysters – 1/2 shell

Market PriceLittleneck Clams

$7.00Tzatziki (v) – A classic Greek dip made with yogurt, cucumber and garlic

$7.00Taramosalata – A tangy fish roe dip

$7.00Skordalia (v) – Potato and garlic dip

$7.00Melitzanosalata (v) – Roasted eggplant dip made with garlic and walnuts

$7.00Revithosalata (v) – Hummus

$8.00Dolmades (v) – Grape leaves stuffed with rice, fresh herbs and a hint of lemon

$10.00Feta (v) – Imported feta cheese drizzled with olive oil

Mezedes (Hot Appetizers)

$24.00Oktapodi – Grilled mediterranean octopus with herbs and spices

$14.00Kalamaraki Skaras - Smoky and flavorful grilled calamari

$14.00Kalamarakia Tiganita – Lightly fried squid served with marinara and lemon

$10.00Fried Zucchini (v) – Lightly breaded, served with Skordalia

$10.00Saganaki (v) – Baked Kasseri cheese served with lemon and olive oil

$10.00Spanakopita (v) – Spinach pie

$8.00Tiropita (v) – Cheese pie

$10.00Keftedes – Greek meatballs with Tzatziki

$14.00Crab Cakes

Market Price*Baby Lamb Chops



$MKT PRICESoup Du Jour

Salatas (Salads)

(With Your Preference of Dressing – Tossed or on the Side)

$10.00Horiatiki – Country salad with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, olives and feta cheese (no salad greens)

$10.00Ellinki – Greek salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, stuffed grape leaves, feta cheese, pepperoncinis and olives

$10.00Maroulosalata – Romaine lettuce, feta cheese, dill and scallions

$10.00Pantzaria – Fresh beets served with Skordalia

$10.00Caesar Salad

Add Protein

Price Reflects*






$28.00*Steak Bits

Pita Sandwiches

(Whole Wheat or White, Topped with Red Onions, Parsley, Tomatoes and Tzatziki)





$10.00Vegetable (v)


$16.00*Burger with Steak Fries

Macaronades – Pasta

(Mild or Spicy– Choice of Whole Wheat Penne, Orzo, Spaghetti or Penne. Gluten Free Pasta Available)

$20.00Meat Sauce

$26.00Sautéed Chicken in a Pink Sauce

$26.00Grilled Chicken, cherry tomatoes in white wine, garlic and olive oil

$34.00Macaronia Garides – Shrimp, spinach feta cheese and plum tomato

$24.00Vegetable (v) – Fresh Sautéed veggies, white wine, garlic and olive oil


(Please Specify: Mild or Spicy)

$14.00Traditional – White wine, garlic and parsley

$14.00Marinara – Marinara sauce, garlic and basil

$16.00Greek – Feta cheese, spinach, garlic and white wine

$16.00Spinach and Bacon – Bacon, spinach and cream sauce

$6.00Add Pasta

$36.00Italian - Marinara sauce, clams, shrimp and calamari

$18.00Spanish - Chorizo, olives and marinara sauce

$18.00Pesto – Basil, garlic and cream sauce

$18.00Curry and Cream - Garlic, curry and cream sauce

$6.00Add Steak Fries

Traditional Dishes

(Served with Your Choice of One Side)

$20.00Pastisio – Oven-baked macaroni and chopped sirloin topped with béchamel

$20.00Moussaka – Layers of chopped sirloin, eggplant and potatoes topped with béchamel

$20.00Giouvetsi – Oven-baked lamb in a light red sauce, served with orzo

$26.00Roasted Chicken – (Free Range) Served with lemon roasted potatoes

$32.00Crispy Roasted Duck – Topped with a Sherry demi-glace

Entrées from the Grill & Sea

(Served with Your Choice of One Side. Please allow 30 minutes from the grill, and 30 minutes for whole fish orders.)

From the Grill:

$40.00*NY Strip

$44.00*Filet Migno

$40.00*Lamb Chops

$26.00Pork Chops

$26.00*Charred Chicken

From the Sea:

$34.00Grilled Salmon

$38.00*Grilled Tuna

$36.00Grilled Shrimp

Market PriceWhole Fish of the Day


$6.00Patates Tiganites – Steak Fries

$6.00Rice Pilaf

$6.00Patates Fournou – Lemon Roasted Potatoes

$10.00Horta Vrasta – Steamed Dandelion Greens

$6.00Mashed Potatoes

$7.00Vegetable of the Day

Children’s Menu

(Served with Your Child’s Choice of Steak Fries, Rice Pilaf, Lemon Roasted Potatoes or a Mini Salad)

$14.00Chicken Fingers

$12.00Pasta (Marinara or Butter Sauce)

$12.00Cheese Flatbread

$12.00Cheese Ravioli

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

Consuming raw or undercooked meat, fish, shellfish, or shell eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

*Cooked according to your preference. (v) Vegetarian Options

Dinner Menu

Tapas Menu

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