In the landscape of Long Island’s Greek restaurants, Alexandros is Mount Olympus: high above the rest and revered

The Greek revival recently relocated to this address from Miller Place, intact andin style. Part dining room, part bar, it’s a warm, festive neighborhood spot and inviting for anyone who has experienced one too many leaden moussakas or air-dried baklavas; and for all devotees of fresh whole fish and juicy steaks. Reliefs reflecting ancient and mythological scenes decorate the openhanded eatery. The gods must be smiling.

The rest
Saganaki, or baked kasseri cheese; spinach and cheese pies; pastitsio, baked pasta with ground beef and bechamel; and the rib-eye steak arrive overcooked. Pasta with shrimp and feta is surprisingly dull.

The best
Savory spreads, from roasted eggplant to zesty fish roe, potato-and-garlic to yogurt-and-cucumber, are mandatory, slathered on warm pita bread. Mash your own chickpeas and add olive oil for tableside hummus.
Try the satisfying shrimp cocktail, crab cake, grilled octopus, and tender grilled squid stuffed with tomatoes and feta cheese. The Grecian formula continues with tasty lima beans baked in tomato sauce; crisp zucchini or beets paired with skordalia, that garlic-potato dip. Alexandros stands out with adroitly grilled whole fish, especially red snapper and porgy, each snowy and slightly smoky, finished with herbs and lemon.
The flavor-packed New York strip rivals the beef at pricier steak houses, as do the porterhouse and filet mignon. The generous veal chop continues the theme. The obligatory moussaka arrives fresh and rich, full of chopped sirloin, eggplant and potatoes, under a cloud of chamel sauce. Giouvetsi translates into satisfying baked lamb with a light tomato sauce, atop orzo.
On the side: potatoes spiked with lemon and steamed dandelions. Better desserts include rice pudding, Greek yogurt with honey, baked custard in phyllo, and, yes, baklava.

Really special Greek ,very authentic

Very unexpected great food considering the restaurant has changed owners several times. I thought Greek food was just gyros! Sam is the most pleasant host that I have ever seen in a restaurant, very gracious and caring about everyone’s comfort. We absolutely love this place!
The mussels are excellent. The chickpeas & garlic are unusual & very good. The Steak over salad is a bargain. Most greek dishes are very authentic.
Dined outside at Alexandro’s this past summer. Food was great, portions fair, atmosphere pleasant. Overall nice experience. I would definetly go back.
Really special Greek ,very authentic– not the typical menu one would expect. The chef/owner and family are very present throughout the dining room and are warm and welcoming.
I really enjoyed myself dining at Alexandros. The food was great and I loved sitting outside listening to the music. The staff were wonderful, very attentive, but not annoying. I would go back anytime.

Sam Constantis has kept his promise

Three years ago when he closed Alexandros, his popular Greek restaurant in Miller Place, he told his patrons that he would be back. In February he opened a newAlexandros on Route 25A in Mount Sinai.
His loyal fans have followed him, keeping the new spot hopping. On a recent Saturday night, people waited in the bar when every table was taken. Even on a relatively laid-back Tuesday, most seats were filled.
The setting is upscale. Diners enter through the bar and are led to an adjoining dining room with salmon-pink walls. Fresh flowers and votive candles top the tables.
Mr. Constantis is both chef and owner. His father, Anthony, is also in the kitchen; Mr. Constantis says his father oversees everything he cooks. Both men are concerned professionals. When a diner at the next table asked for a pasta dish that wasn’t on the menu and wasn’t even Greek, Anthony Constantis came out of the kitchen to find out exactly what he wanted. Later, Sam Constantis came to our table and offered to filet a whole dorado we had ordered.
As soon as diners are seated, triangles of warm pita and do-it-yourself hummus — consisting of a mortar and pestle, chickpeas, garlic and olive oil — are delivered. Other Greek spreads worth trying include the creamy taramosalata (made with fish roe) and the thick, rich tzatziki (a cucumber-yogurt mixture). Skip the eggplant spread, which lacked the expected smoky flavor and had a harsh taste from raw garlic.
Three openers to order are the flavor-packed spinach pie with a flaky phyllo crust, the tasty Greek meatballs and the very tender grilled octopus. The fried zucchini sticks were too thickly cut for my taste, but my tablemates gobbled them up.

The typical Greek salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, grape leaves, feta cheese and olives had an outstanding dressing — smooth and tasty, not harsh or vinegary. We also liked the salad of romaine lettuce, feta, dill and scallions.
All the main courses we sampled were splendid, with the exception of an entree salad topped with dry gyro meat. A whole dorado was deftly grilled and lively with herbs. Grilled shrimp were also lightly cooked. Baby lamb chops were succulent, and giouvetsi — a dish of lamb shanks baked in a light tomato sauce and served over orzo — was tender. Pork chops, often an iffy choice given the leanness of pork today, were juicy and full of flavor here. At $18, they were also a good buy.
Entrees come with a choice of two sides; we liked all that we sampled. French fries were terrific — crunchy outside, soft and creamy within. We also gave high marks to the tasty lemon potatoes, the tangy horta (steamed dandelion greens) and the perfectly seasoned vegetable of the day — on two occasions a mélange of green and yellow squash, broccoli and carrots.
Desserts are not made in-house but are of high quality. The baklava was generously portioned and not too sweet. The galaktaboureko, baked custard in flaky phyllo pastry, was served warm. Yogurt drizzled with honey was the same delectable treat found in Greece. Rice pudding was also rich and creamy.
Best of all was the chocolate cake we tried on our first visit, a rectangle of layered moist cake and rich chocolate ganache. On our return, it had morphed into a more ordinary individual cake enrobed in chocolate. It was good but not as good as the original version. The same is not true of Alexandros itself. It lives up to the expectations of those who loved the first one.

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